Pork Chop NOLA

This is one of my favorite ways to cook pork chops.  Sometimes it’s a nice fat juicy piece of pork that goes perfectly as a side to red beans and rice on a Monday, sometimes it’s a thin cut boneless piece that has so many different uses.  I usually pan …

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French Bread Pizza

From iPhone 532

I have always loved French Bread Pizza.  In the past when I made it, it was a frozen Stouffer’s, and honestly, nothing compared to it.  It’s like ravioli for me, nothing compares to Chef Boyardee.  Don’t laugh at me, but I would take a hot bowl of his canned ravioli …

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Homemade Campfire Chicken

photo 2

One of my favorite stops while on vacation in Atlanta was eating at the popular homestyle southern restaurant, Cracker Barrel.  I’ve always liked eating there, the Chicken and Dumplings are excellent.  But the closest one to my house is about a 40-minutes drive.  Now that we’re eating out with a …

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Cajun Inspired Peppery Hash Browns

photo 3

With a typical hash brown recipe, you’re seasoning the potatoes with salt and pepper, cooking it in butter, and using a diced onion.  It’s a classic recipe, a favorite of mine topped with ketchup, and it’s the perfect side to fried eggs. But what about a tasty hash brown that …

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